Why use a local builder (and architectural designer and lawyer while you are at it.)

Good local builders are all well aware of the high standards of both design and construction required at AldertonPark. They know the best suppliers, they know the design guidelines, the good soil conditions and are not scared of slopes to build on as the volume franchise builders seem to be. They know the building inspectors, where to find the on-site connections for services, that the sites already have their earthworks permits, that there is a reliable and cheap earthworks contractor living in the subdivision and because they are local they know that they cannot afford the reputation loss of doing a poor job.

A few you can choose from familiar with AldertonPark include Builders
Revell Newson 021 408522
Alec Aperahama 027 2271840
Alan Timperley 09 4075534
Absolute Build 09 4074227

Some local architectural designers familiar with Alderton’s guidelines include :
Alan Simpkin at Arcline Design 021 220 1198
Graham Cowie at Swallow Design 021 191 8291

Local Engineers familiar with Alderton include :
Pradeep Kumar at PK Engineering 021 407769
Phil Workman at Haigh Workman 09 4078327

Local Lawyers familiar with Alderton’s rules include :
Gina Birchall at Swift Conveyancing 09 4077080
Richard Ayton at Law North 09 40770
Rick Palmer at Palmer Macauley 09 4070000
McLeods Lawyers 09 4070170