Many of Alderton Park’s sections follow the sloping contours of the natural land, hence giving a mix of sloping and flat sections. The section boundaries have been carefully chosen to ensure that the views, which are one of the main appeals of this subdivision, are not built out by the section below. In general sloping sections offer extensive views but require a bit of thought to maximize the use of the section, while flat sections offer a simple appeal but mainly just views of the neighbour’s fence.

Volume house-builders often push buyers towards the flat sites as these companies lack technical building skills being usually franchise holders and they over-inflate the costs associated with the slope. This also ignores market values where all of the most expensive Auckland suburbs such as Ponsonby, Herne Bay ,Grey Lynn, Remuera etc are all on slopes and the same goes in Kerikeri where the value of a view is often forgotten at building time.

Sloping sites offer the chance to place the car garage under the house, hence the retaining wall costs are balanced by the floor above eliminating the cost of the garage roof. We have a list of experienced builders and designers, some living in Alderton Park, who will give building quotations not over-inflating the real cost of building on a slope. Alderton Park has a well designed stormwater management system utilizing the roads and ponds to ensure that residents don’t receive overland concentrated flows.